And it begins again..

Today I have started the first day of my hypoglycemic diet. UGH. It’s really not all that bad, but it still sucks. And the first days are always the worst. And I was diagnosed in high school, so I really should have a few years under my belt of being super healthy and awesome, I just uhh, didn’t. So I’ve done this to myself. In case you are unfamiliar of what hypoglycemia is, it’s a blood sugar condition that is the exact opposite of diabetes. Every few hours my blood sugar drops to an extreme low, about 72, and I have to eat to get it back up to normal, about 100. The only issue is that if I eat some thing with excess sugar, card, caffeine, or alcohol, then it will spike my insulin levels too severely and I become extremely sleepy and sick. And it is basically just a vicious circle since I pretty much neglect the rules. IE: “Oh man I feel like shit. {irritated, tired, sick, sluggish} I need to eat.” *insert visual of me eating, lets say, some Chinese food* “Oh man I feel like shit again. {sleepy beyond repair, headache from hell} Why the fuck did I eat that?” And this happens pretty much every day at some point. Es no bueno. Technically, anyone can get hypoglycemia. But the difference between someone who doesn’t have hypoglycemia and me, is that it should take a person a few days for their blood sugar to drop into the 70’s. Mine gets to that level after a few short hours. So as of today I will be eating in accordance to my issue so I don’t die or something. My diet now consists of low card veggies, low sugar fruits, high protein, low dairy and definitely zero processed foods. Oh, but there’s no way I’m gonna stop drinkin booze… fuck that.