Oy Vey.

Oh yes, this is my reminiscent 2011 post. What a mudda fuggin year. It definitely seems like every year I say to myself, “I cannot believe I made it through this year. I hope this next year is better.” And I’m not sure if I can accurately title a year as “my worst year”, but I’m not sure I can accurately title a year as “my best year,” either. I think the only way to measure the greatness of a year is to reflect on how it changed you. How you got through the hard times, if you appreciated the good times, how your opinions changed, the people you gained, the people you left, and why any of it matters. For me, I know that I am more focused and have more ambition than I have this entire year. I have an intimidating goal for my career, I have old friends around me, I’ve started eating properly for my hypoglycemic needs, and I have a job that I don’t hate going to. I have a lot to get done this next year, but I’m optimistic about it all. I’ll need to get a second job, I’ll need to move into my own place, I’ll need to get all my school stuff in order so I can go to BC in the fall, I’ll need to make sure I can afford to go to BC in the fall, and I’ll need to keep my eating habits in order. I’ll also be turning 21, so, I’ll have to make sure not to die when that party happens. Tomorrow starts my 365 day project. I am pretty pumped about it. I have already lost three pounds since Tuesday, but this is not going to be a weight loss blog. It’s just {hopefully} going to be happening at the same time. 2011 included dropping out of college, having to move back to Bakersfield, being in a serious relationship for the first time in a long time, moving to Florida, that same relationship failing, moving back to Bakersfield from Florida, and having to start all over for the third time this year. I’ll continue to miss my best friend everyday, I’ll continue to miss my friends up North everyday, but I’m not going to let my current situation effect my feelings toward my future. Bring it the fuck on, 2012.