Two Hundred Sixty One

You can’t tell in this picture, but I’m wearin my cowboy boots! YES. I felt pretty baller walking around Target in them, not gonna lie. Today was a great day, you guys. Like, nothing went wrong. Everything was awesome. I wish everyday was like today. I got super caught up with an old friend from Monterey and it just added another reason to the list of reasons why I’m so fucking stoked to get back up there. I bought new nail polish and did my nails (^not those) and they look awesome. I got a new wallet. Finally. Work was extremely tolerable. I got some much needed cuddle time. I’m dreading tomorrow because it’s one of my super long days, but I’m also excited today is over because that means we are getting closer to the fair! Yay :). Man I really had the intention of going to bed like 2 hours ago. *sigh It never happens. Alllrighty I’m out like trout. BYE.


One Hundred Eighty One

Well I’m fuckin tired. If it weren’t for having to write this blog I would be asleep right now. I didn’t have a necessarily long day, but I didn’t sleep very much or well last night. I did see Rock of Ages though. It’s aammmaazzziiiinnnnnnggggggg. I loved it. It’s probably not for movie snobs… but if you like the 80’s and musicals and Russel Brandt… then go see it like right now. Tomorrow is going to ssuuccckk. I have to be at Yogurtland at 7am and then be at Mama’s until 9pm. FUACK. So lame. Alright I’m out. Peace out.

One Hundred Forty Two


Well Laundry day has forced me to revert back to seventh grade style. Rockin the Marilyn Manson band tee for the win! Anyway. Like I said, did laundry today. It’s done, not put away, but clean at least. I should clean and crap, but right now I just wanna veg out on the couch with my icy hot patch on. Zumba at 6:30! Thank god. I need to work out so bad. Sleeping in was soooo gooooood this morning. Woke up at noon like a champ. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but holy balls I am SO hungry for awful food. I am always hungry, but usually I can think of a certain dish I cook for myself and want that. All of the stuff I usually eat sounds fuckin lame. I want bad food. Food that has bread and cheese and sauce and rice and fat. It’s been kind of overwhelming lately. I’m drinking a crap ton of water because I thought I was dehydrated, but it hasn’t subsided. I waannnttt chocolate soooooo baaaddd. Hmph. Now that I’m avoiding dairy for a few days I don’t have any wiggle room with sweets. I guess I could go to a frozen yogurt place that has a dairy free option… but that’s gay! Naw, it’s better than nothing I guess. I just think after giving up EVERYTHING for a hypoglycemic friendly diet I deserve freakin dairy. Ugh. Oh wellllll. I’m off to make some food before Zumba. Woopwoop!

One Hundred Thirty Five

Ole! Damn I need a hair cut, my ends are so dead. Anyway, today was good. I got a new phone! I love it, I named it Beverly. It’s a Samsung Galaxy II S. It’s the first smart phone I’ve ever had. I am pretty pumped about it. I am going to check in EVERYWHERE! Today was mom’s last day here. She ships off to NorCal in the morning. It’s going to be a little odd knowing that I’m going to be the only one left here in Bakersfield. I have a lot of family here, but none that I ever see. Maybe I see them like once or twice a year and I never communicate with them in between that. But I am glad she is leaving. She belongs in the wilderness with her dogs. She’ll be happier. Ugh, I am so nervous about weigh in Wednesday. I didn’t think I was going to lose a big number because I lost 4 pounds last week, but I am pretty certain I’m not going to lose any weight this week now. Lets just say my diet has been less than strict. Especially on Mother’s Day. Oh boy. I guess workouts haven’t been too bad. We didn’t do our 3 miles yesterday, but we introduced incline to our running circuits and we went to Zumba tonight, so we will see. I had a really good esteem day today though. These last couple weeks have been really odd when it comes to how I feel about myself. Whether I hate myself or am completely in love with myself changes daily. I am starting to see dramatic improvement in the things that I was most concerned about though. Like my arms. They’re so… average sized now. 🙂 I almost like them. Not a lot of difference in my calves, but maybe the running outside and the incline will help with those. Weeelllllllllll writing this has taken long enough for Beverly to charge so I can continue to play scramble with friends now… so, I’m gonna go do that constantly until I’m burned out on it. BYE (Play games with me XD)

Eighty Three

Ugh! Kind of a crazy day! I only have like 10 minutes to write this thing before work. So my grandpa bought me a stun gun and it’s pretty fuckin awesome. After 3 seconds a person will lose all of their muscle control and essentially shit their pants… and it’s pink. So sweet! and ew. Today was the first day my grandpa saw me since I have started losing weight, which was always something he gave me a hard time for, so I was kind of nervous at what he would say. He said that I am looking better and that my face looks nice, but then went on to tell me about how I’m too young to be overweight. And he was less than impressed with my journalism plan. *sigh. Can a sister get a break?! Damn. So, I freakin woke up 10 am after getting to sleep at 4 because of the Hunger Games, which was bitchin by the way. I felt awake this morning, but now I am soooo sleeeppyy. Of course right before I have to go work. Better wake up though! The gym is callin my name. Alright I gotta go pretend like I give a shit about rich people, peace!

Seventy Nine

What a day. SO I got up early for these pest people. I unpacked all of my cabinets and had plans to leave for three hours and all that shit. 9:30 rolls around, which is when the appointment was, and no one has showed up. I assume they might be a few minutes late so I didn’t worry. I wasn’t sure if I could leave or if I needed to let them in or what the deal was with that. So at 9:45 I call the number on the website and some guy answers. I explain to him where I live and ask if I can leave or if I need to stay and he says that the guy should be on the premises and he describes the truck he has and all that. So I go downstairs to find this guy and there is no one around. Like at all. So I knock on the site manager’s door, knowing he wasn’t there but hey why not, and the guy calls me back. He tells me the guy was already been there, but that if I needed my unit to get sprayed he would come later to do it for me. Ummm,… what? So after I explained that I kind of had my whole morning planned around this and that I had unpacked all of my shit AND that I had been awake for over an hour and half and no one ever came to my unit, I told him I didn’t need it and that it was all good. So it didn’t even end up happening. Fuucckkiinnnnn annoying. So I didn’t end up spending three hours at the gym like I needed. I was pretty lame at the gym this morning actually. I was just so tired. Wesley and I did decided that each month we are going to try and shave 30 seconds  off of our mile. Not sure how realistic that goal is, but we are gonna try, dammit. It’s exactly 3 months until my birffdayyy today!!! Yay. I close at the Land of Yogurt tonight. I am not excited, but it will be full of coffee and… yogurt? yeaahh. Hopefully soon we will have coffee yogurt.

Seventy Eight

Oh my jesus today has been crazy. This is seriously the first minute I have had today to sit down and write this. I got up early to open at Yogurtland, after work I went straight to pick up a friend, came back here and started cooking treats for The Walking Dead finale, cleaned up, got ready, friends got here and watched the finale, then had to get all the stuff in the kitchen ready for the pest people in the morning, and I am now writing this blog. UGH. These pest people coming in the morning are really ruining my life. I just want to sleep in and relax. But alas, I must get up early to get the stuff in the bathroom ready for the pest people and then it’s off to the gym for three hours. Then I get to come home and put all the stuff back and then its work until late. Hmph. I really do need to spend three hours at the gym tomorrow though. I had two cupcakes and like… fucking FOUR cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped chillies. Shit. Time to work it out! But I am exhausted and I still need to shower and stuff so I’m gonna go do that. Peace!