Two Hundred Seventy Five/Two Hundred Seventy Six

Happy October!!! You like my shirt? It’s from Knotts. That’s where I’ve been the last two days if you didn’t know. AND IT WAS FUCKING BALLER. Knotts Scary Farm is fucking where it’s at you guys. Anyway, back to October. It’s the second best month of the year!! The first, of course, is December, but Halloween is pretty amazing. My legs and back are so pissed at me. We walked A LOT for an entire day. Fuack. After a ridiculous amount of unnecessary BS, I got the official approval to move in today and paid my rent. Tomorrow I gotta go get boxes, pack everything, clean, take in my cable boxes to Bright House, cancel my gym membership, and then have a Dewars date and then hit the road! Oh man. I am stressed, but overly excited. SO READY. I’ll need to find a job ASAP. And a baller one too. Once that’s done I will be set, but I’m gonna be pretty stressed out until I find one. It was a crazy month pulling all of this together you guys. Holy shit, I can’t believe it’s here. Ok, I need to hydrate because I feel like I’m going to die. HASTA.


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