Two Hundred Seventy Two

My final dinner shift at Mama Tosca’s has been completed! I only have tomorrow’s lunch shift to get through and then I’m done forever! Ooohh yeeesss. Man I thought about this moment, right now, this morning when I had to get up and face a super fuckin long day… and now it has finally arrived. I am super anxious for that moment tomorrow when I am leaving work and I’ll know I will never have to go back. All in all, Mama’s isn’t THAT much of a shit show. As far as jobs go, it’s not that bad, but it’s apart of Bakersfield and my life here in Bakersfield and stomping everything about my life in Bakersfield into the dirt is fantastic. Other than that I’m still super pumped for Monterey and still overwhelmed about my lack of money. BUT I have Knotts on Sunday so that will a lot of fun. I’ve never been so I’m super pumped for it! And Halloween stuff! Fuck yeh Halloween. Well I shouldn’t waste valuable beauty sleep time. I need tomorrow to be awesome. OK BYE NOW.


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