Two Hundred Seventy

Today was pretty productive. I got my stuff I’m trying to sell on craigslist. I mailed off my rent for October to Tricia!!!! (<best part about the day) And I lost over a pound this week! Booyah. I am pretty sure it all came off the last 2 days, which just exploits how awful I was eating all week. Whatevs. MONTEREY IN 6 DAYS. I am out of money…. BUT hopefully the next two days are somehow extremely profitable. It’s a very odd situation, because I am over the moon about almost being back in Monterey, but I am stressed to the max about money. It’s kind of exhausting. I have been going to sleep at like 11pm and have slept 9 hours a night every night this week and still don’t feel well rested. Maybe it’s the pollution finally shutting down my vital organs. Who knows? Time to veg.


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