Two Hundred Sixty Eight

I AM SO STRESSED OUT. BLARG! I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna pull this move off. I am almost certain I will not have enough money. FUCK. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll just have to figure it out when the time comes. I sent in my resume to my #1 job choice today. So that’s good, I guess. I just feel super fucking stupid. Why did I buy those stupid jeans? Why did I go back to the fair and spend a shit ton of money? Why did I buy that nail polish? Why did I buy that fucking lip stick? Why is the only drink I like at Starbucks that I drink almost everyday 5 fuckin dollars? Stupid. Stupid girl. I hope this is a busy work at work! Because I need it. Shit man I just need it to be one week and 2 days into the future and I’ll be happy. ‘Til then, I’m on code red for stressed out and need a God damn drink.


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