Two Hundred Sixty Seven

Oh my gawd today was super long and tiring. It was good though. I had a good time at the fair, even though it was super fuckin hot. I rode the bull, I ate the fried stuff, I made llama friends, I petted a wallaby. I have definitely fulfilled my fairy needs. Although today was a good day, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed by all of the stuff I need to do before I leave. I am definitely super stressed about money. I’m also pretty low on the self esteem totem at the moment. I feel awful about myself. But, what’s new? I am more than ready to get the fuck out of this city. Even though this is going to be my last week at work, I am not ready for tomorrow. If I didn’t have to get my pay check on Friday, I wouldn’t even go this week. I’m tired and have a lot to do and just want to sleep. I’m gonna go to sleep pretty soon becaussee… I’m over it. Peace out.


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