Two Hundred Sixty Two

Well today is only half way over, but so far it’s been a pretty alright day. Lunch was semi busy so it went by pretty quickly. I would prefer not to go back tonight, but alas, ’tis scheduled. FAIR TOMORROW! Yeeeeeessssss. I’m so excited it’s almost here. I am going to go to sleep early tonight! That’s the plan! Thursday is gonna sssuuucccccckkkkkk, cuz I’ll be at the fair all Wednesday night. It’s going to be totally worth it. Guys, guys……. guys. I’ll be in Monterey in 2 weeks, exactly. 2 WEEKS. Ho-ly balls. Speaking of Monterey, I found a truck! So I can take my bed and TV up there with me! So great. I still have to make sure I can afford it, but it shouldn’t be that big of a problem. AaaaarrrggghhahaaaaaaaatomorrowisweighinWednesday. Shit snacks. OH WELL. Gotta go make myself work worthy again. Hmph. Byye.


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