Two Hundred Sixty One

You can’t tell in this picture, but I’m wearin my cowboy boots! YES. I felt pretty baller walking around Target in them, not gonna lie. Today was a great day, you guys. Like, nothing went wrong. Everything was awesome. I wish everyday was like today. I got super caught up with an old friend from Monterey and it just added another reason to the list of reasons why I’m so fucking stoked to get back up there. I bought new nail polish and did my nails (^not those) and they look awesome. I got a new wallet. Finally. Work was extremely tolerable. I got some much needed cuddle time. I’m dreading tomorrow because it’s one of my super long days, but I’m also excited today is over because that means we are getting closer to the fair! Yay :). Man I really had the intention of going to bed like 2 hours ago. *sigh It never happens. Alllrighty I’m out like trout. BYE.


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