Two Hundred Fifty Nine

Ohhhh man. Today has been productive. I got up and did all of my laundry, I got ready for the day, I went to the mall, I went and got my bangs trimmed, and now I’m veggin out for a little while before work. I spent a lot of money today. I’m afraid to check my bank account, actually. Ugh. Stupid girl. We are goin out tonight though to just relax and have a good time. So that’ll be nice, regardless. I could use a drink! Tomorrow is SUNDAAAYY FUNDAAAYY. Woopwoop. I really, really, don’t want it to be Monday, but I do want to go to the fair!! So, I guess this week will have to start so it can be Wednesday already. Alllrrrriigghttt I’m gonna sit here and not move at all for like 15 minutes. BYE.


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