Two Hundred Fifty Six

Another good day. 🙂 Three in a row? That’s impossible. I’m wondering what terrible thing is about to happen to make up for all the good vibes happening lately, but I don’t care. I’m just gonna soak up the smiles. I weighed myself this morning. I lost half a pound so I am pretty much where I was last week. Which is fine. I’m not working out so maintaining is actually pretty sweet. That is like my number one worry. Is not to be able to maintain where I’m at. Anyway, other than that work was super busy which is great because I need to make that money. Then I ran errands and got a whole bunch of lame shit out of the way. I bought some cute ass nail polish. I wore my fav lip stick. Got a tiny personal watermelon. Yep. Pretty good day. Now all I gotta do is eat and drink some wine and paint my nails. Oh, and watch Bring It On. Ok. Byebyenow.


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