Two Hundred Fifty Three

Ugha today was so retarded. Started out with me waking up too early for no reason. Then up until about 5pm I spent my day here, by myself, watching movies, and eating donuts. I was pretty depressed all day. I didn’t even really mind that I was sulking in my underwear all day. But at like 5 I decided I needed to eat. So, of course, none of my friends were available all day, so they obviously weren’t available then either. I decided to just venture out to go eat by myself and I went to sushi. It was nice I guess. Then I came back and pretty much picked up where I left off. ANNDD I’m still here. Pretty much the worst Sunday Funday/day off ever. I guess I’ll just work everyday this week again until next Sunday and hope that one is better. God tomorrow being the beginning of another week is just so dreadful. I just can’t wait to leave. Fuck this place.


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