Two Hundred Fifty One

Ugh. Why am I not asleep yet? Stupid girl. I am so glad today is over. SO GLAD. Slleeeppiiiiiinnnn iiinnnnnn. YES. It was an alright day though, I guess. Knowing that I’m leaving is making it harder and harder to be here. I am so excited to be gone that I sometimes forget that I have like 3 weeks still. That doesn’t seem like that long of a time on paper, but when you’re impatient and anxious is like freakin forever. So I took this picture tonight, right? (see?^) And I was kind of excited to compare it to the first time I wore this shirt for a 365 picture, which was like late January or February. I was hoping the MASSIVE difference would boost my self esteem up a bit. But there really isn’t that much of a difference. Like there are a few small details. My arms look a little smaller. My waist has a little more of a space between it and my arm. But that’s really it. It was kind of depressing. THEN I opened a picture with this same shirt on from around March, and I look way freakin in that stupid picture! I look skinnier then, then I do now. WHATTHEFUCK. I don’t know. It just doesn’t make any sense. Gawd I still have so much work to do. Fuckin titties. I’m too tired to really care right now. Y’all have a good night morning?. Hasta.


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