Two Hundred Seventy Four

Ole! Lady and the Tramp is on. 🙂 So I’m pretty content. I am officially no longer an employee at Mama’s. So that’s a big step that’s taken care of. I also have all of my stuff ready to be packed. Not actually packed… but out and sorted and ready to be packed. I cleaned the kitchen, too. All I’ll need to do on Tuesday is laundry, pack everything up, clean the bathroom, and then just load stuff up and wait for my friend to show up with the truck and leave. WOW I forgot how sad the pound scenes in this movie were… Well I’ll need a hug soon. ANYWAY. Gonna go adopt every dog ever. See ya.


Two Hundred Seventy Three

Whelp today was my last day at Mama’s. It feels relieving. I also sold my dining table and tomorrow I have an appointment set up to sell the surf board. BAM. Hustlin. Man it’s the final countdown!! 4 DAYS. I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready for that kind of happiness. And I have Knotts in between! Shhiiiiiiittt. I gotta go shower off some of this optimism… it’s making me itchy.

Two Hundred Seventy Two

My final dinner shift at Mama Tosca’s has been completed! I only have tomorrow’s lunch shift to get through and then I’m done forever! Ooohh yeeesss. Man I thought about this moment, right now, this morning when I had to get up and face a super fuckin long day… and now it has finally arrived. I am super anxious for that moment tomorrow when I am leaving work and I’ll know I will never have to go back. All in all, Mama’s isn’t THAT much of a shit show. As far as jobs go, it’s not that bad, but it’s apart of Bakersfield and my life here in Bakersfield and stomping everything about my life in Bakersfield into the dirt is fantastic. Other than that I’m still super pumped for Monterey and still overwhelmed about my lack of money. BUT I have Knotts on Sunday so that will a lot of fun. I’ve never been so I’m super pumped for it! And Halloween stuff! Fuck yeh Halloween. Well I shouldn’t waste valuable beauty sleep time. I need tomorrow to be awesome. OK BYE NOW.

Two Hundred Seventy

Today was pretty productive. I got my stuff I’m trying to sell on craigslist. I mailed off my rent for October to Tricia!!!! (<best part about the day) And I lost over a pound this week! Booyah. I am pretty sure it all came off the last 2 days, which just exploits how awful I was eating all week. Whatevs. MONTEREY IN 6 DAYS. I am out of money…. BUT hopefully the next two days are somehow extremely profitable. It’s a very odd situation, because I am over the moon about almost being back in Monterey, but I am stressed to the max about money. It’s kind of exhausting. I have been going to sleep at like 11pm and have slept 9 hours a night every night this week and still don’t feel well rested. Maybe it’s the pollution finally shutting down my vital organs. Who knows? Time to veg.

Two Hundred Sixty Nine

Well, I guess today was alright. Tomorrow is weigh in Wednesday. I don’t know what I should expect. The last two days my diet has been super amazing. We’ll see I guess. I feel fatter than ever. I don’t have much else to talk about other than me being stressed and how much of a dumbass I am. I’m extremely tired. Off to bed.

Two Hundred Sixty Eight

I AM SO STRESSED OUT. BLARG! I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna pull this move off. I am almost certain I will not have enough money. FUCK. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll just have to figure it out when the time comes. I sent in my resume to my #1 job choice today. So that’s good, I guess. I just feel super fucking stupid. Why did I buy those stupid jeans? Why did I go back to the fair and spend a shit ton of money? Why did I buy that nail polish? Why did I buy that fucking lip stick? Why is the only drink I like at Starbucks that I drink almost everyday 5 fuckin dollars? Stupid. Stupid girl. I hope this is a busy work at work! Because I need it. Shit man I just need it to be one week and 2 days into the future and I’ll be happy. ‘Til then, I’m on code red for stressed out and need a God damn drink.

Two Hundred Sixty Seven

Oh my gawd today was super long and tiring. It was good though. I had a good time at the fair, even though it was super fuckin hot. I rode the bull, I ate the fried stuff, I made llama friends, I petted a wallaby. I have definitely fulfilled my fairy needs. Although today was a good day, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed by all of the stuff I need to do before I leave. I am definitely super stressed about money. I’m also pretty low on the self esteem totem at the moment. I feel awful about myself. But, what’s new? I am more than ready to get the fuck out of this city. Even though this is going to be my last week at work, I am not ready for tomorrow. If I didn’t have to get my pay check on Friday, I wouldn’t even go this week. I’m tired and have a lot to do and just want to sleep. I’m gonna go to sleep pretty soon becaussee… I’m over it. Peace out.