Two Hundred Forty Two/Two Hundred Forty Three

Hoollllllyyy shhhiiiitt. The last 48 hours have been insane. Obviously insane enough for yesterday’s blog entry to never happen. After work yesterday I took my friend 3 hours away to his favorite restaurant for his birthday and then we decided we were so close to Monterey that we might as well pop in for a visit! So we did. We also got back at 5am this morning. YEAH. You know who had to work all day today starting at 10am? ME. Oh my God. It was absolutely worth it, though. I love those people. Fuck today was rough. I’m so glad it’s over. Yesterday was weigh in Wednesday. Guess how much I weighed? 161.8 pounds. Yep, lowest ever. Only 4 pounds away from my freakin 40 pound goal that I made forever ago. So that’s pretty great. Awesome plans are brewing, you guys. I’m not going to talk about them yet, but just know, they’re awesome. Kay imma go die now.


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