Two Hundred Forty

Holy shit. I cannot believe it’s Monday again. This week is going to be fun though, Birthday celebrations!! YAY. Ok Soooo on Saturday morning I was the lowest I have ever been at 161.7 pounds, anndd today, after Sunday Funday, I am 165.8!! FUCK. It could be because it’s the middle of the day, but it could also be because I ate 4 pounds worth if shit yesterday. I am going to hit the gym tonight, I freakin have to after that number! I’m hoping it’s water or something and by Wednesday morning it will be back down. I guess we will see. All day I could not stop thinking about getting home after work and crashing out, but if I nap this afternoon I will totally bone myself for tomorrow. So I am just gonna stay awake and hit the sack super early tonight. Hopefully. I am starving so I need to go make food. It’s getting harder and harder to write cognitive sentences. Hold tight blood sugar!


2 thoughts on “Two Hundred Forty

  1. Holy shit! I cant believe this is the first time I noticed that your doing this.. shows how much I pay attention to anything. Its so great what your doing. I dont know how much its worth, but I am so proud of you. You look fantastic! things seem to be going great. Kicking ass and taking names boo! You have always been a strong, independent, self sufficent, beautiful person and you only seem to be growing and improving yourself. Random words of love from me. Even if we do lose touch for a minute. Ill always send much love your direction.
    Always a friend,

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