Two Hundred Thirty Seven

Holy shit. Today is half way over. I’ve had 4 shots of espresso so I think I can handle the rest of the day. I cannot wait for today to be over. Because then I’ll get to sleep in the next two days! AND it will only be one day until Sunday Funday. Holy shit. I have been SO good this week you guys. My diet has been immaculate and I will have gone to the gym 4 times this week after tonight and Saturday morning. Fuck yeah. It’s way too hot to cook food right now, though. That’s what I would be doing, but since it’s way too hot to cook and eat that shit I decided to get this out of the way. If it was acceptable/possible to cut these last 15 pounds off of me with a steak knife, I would. But I guess I’ll just have to do it with a strict diet 6 days a week and a lot of exercise. Suuppperrr ggaaayy. Byebyenow.


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