Two Hundred Thirty Six

I am already SO over today! I am ready for it to be over and I am ready for tomorrow to be over and I am ready for this weekend full of sleep and food. When I walked into work today, I wasn’t there for more than a minute when my boss asked me, “What happened to your hair?” “I cut it.” “You cut it yourself?” “Nooo I went and got it cut.” “…. silence.. ” Yeeaaahhh. That was how my day started. Then promptly got yelled at for a minor offense that I wasn’t allowed to explain. It was a really great morning. Set the tone for a great fuckin day! Whhaattever. I’m over it and my hair is fuckin fabulous. Douche. I am seriously ready for Sunday Funday. Shit’s goin down this week. I have to go to the gym tonight and tomorrow night and the next night, which will suck because I’m already worn out, but it’ll be oh so worth it. I need to whiten my teeth, but I am afraid because I have like no enamel and whitening will make it even thinner aanndd then I’ll be toothless by 30. But it needs to be done. Okkk I need to go make food before I have an episode. Haavvvee a great day.


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