Two Hundred Thirty Five

Aww yeah! Check out the bang business! Woop. I am pretty thrilled with them. Finally some structure, instead of some wavy crazy gypsy mermaid cluster fuck. I never like my hair completely straight though, I will wave it once I get a chance to style it myself. And I think I’ll like it even better. 🙂 FUCK today was so productive. It was terrible. Work, although slow, was this morning, then it was hair cut time, then I had to go grocery shopping, and then I had to go do laundry. Freeaakin A. I seriously didn’t stop moving from 8 am to 8 pm. Super gay. But having money and food and clean clothes is worth it, I guess. So, It’s Wednesday. Which obviously means I had to weigh myself. I am utterly confused, but I lost 2.8 pounds and am at the lowest weight I have ever been throughout this whole thing. Yep. I don’t know what happened or why, but I’ll take it. I haven’t been able to lose weight for months. The last time I was near this number was the week before my birthday. I just don’t know what the fuck. Hopefully it continues. We’ll see how Sunday Funday affects it. But it’s my bedtime. Peace.


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