Two Hundred Thirty One

So, you now what tomorrow is? MY DAY OFF. Yes. I haven’t had a day off in 3.5 weeks and it is definitely showing. I thought I want going to go ape shit at work tonight. I could have also been irrationally pissed at everything because my period is on it’s way. Probably a little bit of both. Sleeping in was ssssooooo gooooooooooood this morning. Tomorrow is also my first Sunday Funday. I really shouldn’t be doing it tomorrow, since I had a bad week, but it’s my first day of in like, forever. I am celebrating. There are going to be rules to Sunday Funday though. In order to have my Sunday Funday, I have to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. AND if I cheat before Sunday Funday then I don’t get it, either. Sooo a lot of discipline exercises will be happening. Which is good, because I’ve definitely been lacking the last month or so. Ugghh it is going to suck. I can already imagine the insane cravings for soda and yogurt and tacos and Chipotle chips that I am going to have to repress. Violently smother, until Sunday. Not giving into a food craving is the hardest thing about losing weight, by far. It never really goes away, you just get used to it being there. I read an article a long time ago where an anorexic girl said those exact words about hunger. It just goes to show that food can be an addiction. And over eating is an eating disorder that should be treated as so. Hopefully this Sunday Funday thing is a success! I’m off to bed. Hasta!


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