Two Hundred Twenty Nine

I feel about as good as I fuckin look. I’m so glad today is over. I will even be more fuckin psyched when tomorrow is over because Saturday I can sleep my ass off until work that night. I still haven’t made it to the gym. Feel like a piece of shit for it. In hopes of developing a super fuckin righteous eating pattern again, I am implementing “Sunday Funday.” Every Sunday will be the day of the week where I can eat whatever the fuck my little vacant heart could want. The reason why this is going to make my shit awesome again is becauusseee say it’s Tuesday. Say I really want a York Peppermint Patty. At this point in my dieting journey, my thought process goes a little something like this, “Hmm well since I am going to have to eat like a god damn rabbit for my entire life, I should eat this now because in 50 years when I’ve been miserable this entire time, I will be grateful for the times I cheated now.” Pretty fucked right? And that wouldn’t even be that big of a deal if that didn’t happen at multiple points of the day… eevveerrryyy day. WELL, now with Sunday Funday in the picture, my thought process will be thus, “Hmm I really want Taco Bell. Since Sunday is only a few days away I’ll just wait til then.” And then I will have Taco Bell on Sunday instead of having like 50 little, but accumulating, cheats everyday. It’s much better. I used to read a lot of “weight loss tips” and shit, and a reoccurring one was always having a cheat day. I didn’t really relate to why that would be important until now. I think because I’ve never been this successful at actually losing weight. Ok well that’s my interesting shit for today. SLEEP NOW.


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