Two Hundred Twenty Eight

You know how I know no one reads this shit anymore? Because I just noticed right now that I accidentally numbered yesterday’s entry as “One Hundred..” instead of “Two Hundred..”. I feel like maybe 3 or 4 months ago someone would have noticed it while reading it and been like… Hey, you’re shit is wrong. Oh well. Weigh in Wednesday has once again come and gone. I’m still 165 pounds. Same as the last like 2 months. Today wasn’t a bad day though. Work was ok. I had the afternoon off so that was super nice. Only three more days until the blessed day off. I almost hate it, because I know how quickly it’s going to go by, and then it’ll be Monday again… and I’ll be sad. And probably still exhausted. I need like a week off. That will never happen. I’m gonna go dream about it. Buenos Noches.


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