Two Hundred Twenty Seven

Arrgg It’s so hot. I had my AC on all day the last two days, so now I have to suffer a few days so my PG&E bill isn’t crazy. I wish I could crank that shit up and sleep naked all day though. Ohhh welll. This Sunday I can do that!!! Because I’ll have the WHOLE day off! …. Seriously…. the entire day. Can. not. wait. I’m going to the gym tonight. I was going to go this morning… But I just didn’t want to get up at 6am. I don’t think that regimen is going to work for me. It’s only been successful twice. Sooooo back to going after work! I am back on the bad ass ban wagon! Awesome diet? Check. Gym schedule? Yes. Super awesome bad ass motivation to be … bad ass!? Fuck yeah. Speaking of diet, I need to cook dinner, but it’s HOT. Like… 90 in this apartment. Cooking is just going to make it hotter. And then eating hot food? Ugh. Sounds terrible. I’ll figure it out I guess. I’m out like trout. Mmmm trout…


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