Two Hundred Fourteen

Happy August! It’s almost Fall. šŸ™‚ Yay. What an odd day. It was terrible and great. We’ll start off with the bad. My amazing baby Rocky is dead. He is no more. His light has been extinguished. šŸ˜¦ So sad. I held my composure in between errands after work, but I broke down in the car a few times. I also had to weigh myself .. like you all know.. because it’s fucking Wednesday. I am back up to 165. Uggghhaaaa!! Whatever. Fuckin shitty fuck. Anndd I had to pay rent and now I am broke. Booo. Ok, the good: Lunch at work today was busy. It was good! I did pretty well with a couple minor mistakes. Today was the first day I had multiple tables at one time. We also had a party of 15. Everything went great. Made some money. So that was relieving. That was pretty much my day. I should eat, but I’m pretty sad so I don’t fee like it. Hasta.


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