Two Hundred Forty Two/Two Hundred Forty Three

Hoollllllyyy shhhiiiitt. The last 48 hours have been insane. Obviously insane enough for yesterday’s blog entry to never happen. After work yesterday I took my friend 3 hours away to his favorite restaurant for his birthday and then we decided we were so close to Monterey that we might as well pop in for a visit! So we did. We also got back at 5am this morning. YEAH. You know who had to work all day today starting at 10am? ME. Oh my God. It was absolutely worth it, though. I love those people. Fuck today was rough. I’m so glad it’s over. Yesterday was weigh in Wednesday. Guess how much I weighed? 161.8 pounds. Yep, lowest ever. Only 4 pounds away from my freakin 40 pound goal that I made forever ago. So that’s pretty great. Awesome plans are brewing, you guys. I’m not going to talk about them yet, but just know, they’re awesome. Kay imma go die now.


Two Hundred Forty One

Another long day. Glad it’s over. This morning when I weighed in {I know, I know it’s bad to weigh yourself everyday. Don’t care, get off me.} I was the lowest I have ever been EVER. Tomorrow is weigh in fuckin Wednesday so I am hoping it will still be that low in the morning. We’ll see! I am going to ruin it tomorrow anyway because I am taking my friend to his favorite Chinese Food place! Road trip! Yeuh. It’ll be exciting to just do something out of the norm. Pretty stoked. Tomorrow/today/RIGHT NOW is my BFFEEEEEEEEE’s 20th Birthday!!! YAY Bre! Love you so much! I wish I could be there. I hope your day is amazing. 🙂 ❤ Bye.

Two Hundred Forty

Holy shit. I cannot believe it’s Monday again. This week is going to be fun though, Birthday celebrations!! YAY. Ok Soooo on Saturday morning I was the lowest I have ever been at 161.7 pounds, anndd today, after Sunday Funday, I am 165.8!! FUCK. It could be because it’s the middle of the day, but it could also be because I ate 4 pounds worth if shit yesterday. I am going to hit the gym tonight, I freakin have to after that number! I’m hoping it’s water or something and by Wednesday morning it will be back down. I guess we will see. All day I could not stop thinking about getting home after work and crashing out, but if I nap this afternoon I will totally bone myself for tomorrow. So I am just gonna stay awake and hit the sack super early tonight. Hopefully. I am starving so I need to go make food. It’s getting harder and harder to write cognitive sentences. Hold tight blood sugar!

Two Hundred Thirty Nine

Oh man I am going to be sad when today is over. Because then it’ll Monday again. Ugh. Today has been good so far though. It has definitely been Sunday Funday-tastic. Denny’s, Carl’s Jr, Cold Stone. YES. I wanna nap, but I gotta clean and stuff. Woopwoop.

Two Hundred Thirty Eight

I can’t explain how great it was to sleep in this morning. SO great. Since I had the morning off I went to Sephora and bought me some goodies. I wanted to buy Kat Von D’s tattoo liquid liner, sooo I did, but I also found an amazing lip color by her, thhaatt I also bought. I’ve been looking for a nice lip color that could be every day and I could wear out. Woopwoop. Work tonight and then it’s SUUNDDAAAY!!!! I can’t believe it’s almost hear. Fuck yeah. I’ve become obsessed with the scale lately and I am the lowest Ive ever been! Today at least. Ok, I need to go make food. BYYE.

Two Hundred Thirty Seven

Holy shit. Today is half way over. I’ve had 4 shots of espresso so I think I can handle the rest of the day. I cannot wait for today to be over. Because then I’ll get to sleep in the next two days! AND it will only be one day until Sunday Funday. Holy shit. I have been SO good this week you guys. My diet has been immaculate and I will have gone to the gym 4 times this week after tonight and Saturday morning. Fuck yeah. It’s way too hot to cook food right now, though. That’s what I would be doing, but since it’s way too hot to cook and eat that shit I decided to get this out of the way. If it was acceptable/possible to cut these last 15 pounds off of me with a steak knife, I would. But I guess I’ll just have to do it with a strict diet 6 days a week and a lot of exercise. Suuppperrr ggaaayy. Byebyenow.

Two Hundred Thirty Six

I am already SO over today! I am ready for it to be over and I am ready for tomorrow to be over and I am ready for this weekend full of sleep and food. When I walked into work today, I wasn’t there for more than a minute when my boss asked me, “What happened to your hair?” “I cut it.” “You cut it yourself?” “Nooo I went and got it cut.” “…. silence.. ” Yeeaaahhh. That was how my day started. Then promptly got yelled at for a minor offense that I wasn’t allowed to explain. It was a really great morning. Set the tone for a great fuckin day! Whhaattever. I’m over it and my hair is fuckin fabulous. Douche. I am seriously ready for Sunday Funday. Shit’s goin down this week. I have to go to the gym tonight and tomorrow night and the next night, which will suck because I’m already worn out, but it’ll be oh so worth it. I need to whiten my teeth, but I am afraid because I have like no enamel and whitening will make it even thinner aanndd then I’ll be toothless by 30. But it needs to be done. Okkk I need to go make food before I have an episode. Haavvvee a great day.