Two Hundred Nine

First day as a server. BAM. It went well. I didn’t have any actual tables, but I shadowed. it was easy. I am not worried about it at all. Annnddd I am getting used to my uniform… I guess. I worked out before work too! God damn I’m impressive. I actually really enjoyed working out in the morning. Who knew? That’s really good because I need to work out. A LOT. I am still going to be hostessing at night until they find a new one, and that’s hella gay. I don’t wanna go back to hostessing… ever. Oh well. Hopefully they’ll find another hostess soon. I was really looking forward to today being over with. UUgghhhaaaa whatever. I gotta eat and go back to work and go pick up my check at Yogurtland so I can deposit it before tomorrow and then be back at Yogurtland at 8am and then Mama’s at 5:30. And this is going to be my schedule forever. Great. I better make so much fuckin money.


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