Two Hundred Eight

Laaazzzyyyy day. Yes. Well, until work tonight. Last shift as a hostess. Awwwww yeah. So baller. I’m hoping the gay pirate feeling goes away after a while. I hope I rock the shit out of Mama’s tomorrow. I am nervous, but also I am very confident I can be a bomb ass server. I’ve tried to get hired as a server at a lot of places. I am pumped for this. I need to make a lot of money. Like a lot a lot. I have $1.16 in my bank account, $200 in my savings account, and rent is due in a few days. I get paid tomorrow, so rent shouldn’t be a problem at all. But food, gym membership, gas… thoossee I am not sure about. I will just have to cross those bridges when they come. I am craving a whole bunch of fucked up shit lately. In my brain I am telling myself that I will get up before I have to be at work to go work out… Yep. That is what I am going to do. Definitely. Til then, I’m kickin it on the couch watching that 70’s Show. Good day.


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