Two Hundred Six

So apparently yesterday I should have waited until night time to write my blog for the day because a whole bunch of crazy shit went down afterwards. At around 5pm I was chillin watching Forrest Gump and I hear 4 gun shots right outside. I knew they were gun shots, but I didn’t hear anything else. No screaming, or arguing, or yelling, or cars or anything. So I didn’t really think about it. I figured it was some ghetto kid shooting into the air or something. And about 5 minutes later I hear someone talking over a radio, like a police man’s radio. So I go out side and shit is cray. There’s a ton of cops and firemen everywhere. There was an ambulance and EMT’s doing stuff. There was a hysterical black woman being removed my police. And of course all of my neighbors were out watching. I live on the second floor so I had a pretty great view of everything that was happening. Well it turns out two people got shot. One died. And the guy who shot them fuckin dipped out and they don’t know where he’s at. Well as we were watching all of this crazy shit happen I saw one cop looking pretty closely at my car. I have a little whole in my tail light from my mom backing into a garbage can so I thought they were looking at that so I just yelled over “oh that’s not new, don’t worry about it”. And through a series of back and forth questions I realized they weren’t looking at my tail light, they were looking at a dent.. that wasn’t there before.. and in the shape of a bullet. SO MY FUCKING CAR GOT SHOT. What the fuck? That’s such bullshit. I am not even mad, I am just like.. Seriously? That’s gonna happen? Ok. They got a statement from me and stuff. Whatever. So later I am texting my mom about it and sending her pictures. She didn’t respond so I called her and her phone was off. I figured she would just call me in the morning when she got all of the texts and stuff so I just said fuck it and figured she’d kind of freak out when she woke up and call me. Well she didn’t. Not even a text. When I called her about it at 1pm she said she couldn’t figure out what the pictures were of and that she had no idea what happened. So I explained it to her and told her I got the case number for the insurance… annddd then she said that I didn’t have insurance because she stopped paying it… annddd that she didn’t wanna tell me before, but now she had to. So I have been driving around for months with no insurance, totally unaware. That’s really great. Thanks. Thanks for that. And she didn’t really give a fuck that people are getting murdered 30 feet away from my front door, so that was a tad hurtful, but whatever. The lack of give a shit for my well being is not new. SO that was a pretty interesting event. Other than that crazy shit it was a pretty normal day. I am on a period from Hell. Tomorrow is weigh in day. GREAT. It’s going to be mortifying. I’m ready I guess. I also pick up my Mama’s uniform. WOOP. And then Zumba and that’s pretty much it. Really riveting stuff. Ok, I’m out of here. Gotta go gather up all of my weapons so I can go to bed.


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