Two Hundred Seven

Today was my second day off this week. It’s been pretty sweet so far. That NEVER happens. And it’s definitely never going to happen again for a long time. I went and picked up my Mama’s uniform. I realized they gave me the wrong kind of vest once I got home so I had to go back and get the right one which was lame, but I have the correct one now. I made some awesome food. I drank some wine. It’s been a good day, aside from the fact that my Mama’s uniform makes me look like a gay pirate. I am very exited to start serving though. Today was weigh in Wednesday. I am pretty much at the same weight I have been the last couple months. Nothing new. It’s good though because I’m not gaining and I had a bad week for diet. Next week will be great because my serving schedule is way more work out friendly. I really need to get focused on weight loss again and get this last 15 pounds off. I am SO sick of summer. I want it to be winter so badly. I love summer, but I am over it this year. I want squash, and pumpkin things, and boots, and cuddling, and sweats, and hot coffee, and BANGS. Ohhh yes the bangs. I don’t want them while it’s still hot because if my forehead sweats then my bangs get fucked. I need it to be cold outside. Only a few more months I suppose. Other things that are happening: ridiculously broke, ready for a nap, too many dishes, ginger episode of South Park. Peace out.


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