Two Hundred Four

ole! Haven’t used that one in a while. I have like 2 minutes to write this blog. I am leaving in a minute to meet a friend. We are going to Firehouse tonight. It’s sports bar here in town. I need it. It’s been a really crazy week. Lots of crazy things all happening at once. Tomorrow is my day off! I need to go buy my Mama’s uniform, but I am going to try and savor the nothingness as much as possible. It is going to be my last day off for a loonngg time. YAY for money, but boo for sanity. Who needs that? Not this bitch. I do, however, think I might need some food soon. I am feeling a bit woozy. I didn’t eat a whole lot today. Booze is good for that right? Yea. Whelp I’m off! Night Y’all!


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