Two Hundred Two

My morning off tomorrow could not have come any sooner. My alarms didn’t wake me up this morning, but I still woke up 15 minutes before I had to leave so I wasn’t late but I am freakin tired. This whole week has been long and busy. I am glad it’s almost over. By this time next week I will have officially trained to be a server at Mama’s! Woop. I’m really pumped. I will never have a day off though. I’ll be at mama’s at least Monday-Friday and then Yogurtland Saturday and Sunday. FUCK. Oh well. Grindin. This week has sssuucckkkeedd for diet. Monday was my friend’s birthday lunch thing where I had some bread, then I got drunk at the movies and ate Junior Mints that night. Then Wednesday my friend had a scary movie night and I think we all know what kind of cellular crimes happen against diets on movie nights. And then today I had freakin Panda Express for lunch. It wasn’t like Panndaa Panda. It was just the veggies and black pepper chicken, but still. Bad. Ugghaa. Weigh in this weeks is going to suck balls. Big, sweaty, hairy, salty balls. And with that image I am going to bounce, bounce like titties. Long, wrinkly, veiny, uneven titties.


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