One Hundred Ninety Three

Today was super crazy! I’m not quite sure I really grasp all that’s happened. I had work from 8am-4pm, and then I had to haul balls over to BC to turn in my tuition waiver application. I was figuring it would take a few days to process or something, but I literally handed it to the woman in the financial aid off ice and she said, “Yep, you got it. Go ahead and register for classes.”…. what? Just like that? uuhhh aallrriightt! I was so floored. I couldn’t believe something had gone correctly. It did take me over an hour to find an open class and it’s a super weird sounding totally pointless class, but I had to have at least one so I can have an early registration date for next semester. It’s called Survey Theater/Entertainment. Yeeahh I don’t what that means. All that matters is that I’m a mudda fuggin college student again!! And I’m only paying $17 for classes. Booya. Figuring out how to afford everything else is going to be tricky indeed. Especially next semester where I’ll have multiple classes and have to cut one of my jobs. Oohh boy. Life is going to be so insane for the next couple years. I am going to really need to keep my head up. It’s going to be rough. I am going to be very busy, very tired, very poor, and still trying to lose weight. I think I can do it though. I might as well be poor and work myself to death now right? Better sooner than later. The longer I wait the harder it’s going to be. I shouldn’t have to spend too much at BC though. That’s good. Ok, I’m tired and I have to be up early. I am peeaaccinnnngg out.


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