One Hundred Ninety Two

Hhmph 😦 Today was very informative. I spent a couple hours at BC today trying to get as much info as possible about getting back into school. I have my classes that I’ll need to transfer all figured out, bbuutt the money situation still not so much. I am applying for the Governor’s Fee Waiver that would take care of all of my tuition, but it still wouldn’t take care of books or parking permits or supplies or any of that shit. And it doesn’t help at all with the fact that I will have to cut hours at work thus making my monthly income less and right now that definitely doesn’t seem like an option. Also if I wait until the spring semester to enroll then my enrollment for classes won’t be until December because I’m technically not a student. But if I try and get at least one unit for the fall semester then I will be a student already so enrollment will be in September. So if I want to have the best chances at getting the classes I need then I should try and take at least one class this fall. I am turning the fee waiver application in tomorrow after work and then we will have to see if I get it or not. If I don’t then I might as well just work and wait until next year when mom will have no reportable income and I can get financial aid. I could also get a student loan, but I am extremely apprehensive about doing something that will require even more money in the future. I don’t want to have thousands of dollars of student loans to pay off and still not have any money to even survive. I suppose I will decide what to do once I know whether or not I can get my tuition waived. *ssiigghhhh I just need one thing to happen the way I need it to. Tomorrow is weigh in dayyyyyyyyyuuuuhhhhhhhhgggaaa. I really hope I lost weight. I will be sad if I didn’t. I have done quite a bit of strength training this week though so maybe I shouldn’t expect too much. I work a ton this week. Next Monday is going be a very needed day off. ‘Til then… fuck shit up! Bye.


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