One Hundred Ninety

Oh man it’s late! I’ve been gone all day. I got home from Yogurtland around 5 and then I pretty much crashed out until 8. Then at 9 some friends invited me to chill with them so I left again and I just got back and showered and in bed. So yeah today was pretty long. I slept through all of my alarms this morning. Thankfully I woke up about 15 minutes before I had to leave. I would have been super annoyed if I would have been late because My dumb ass didn’t wake up. And then Yogurtland was pretty busy all day. Which is good and bad. Tiring, especially when you’re already sleep deprived, but at least it keeps me busy. I did have a woman tell me today that I was too pretty to be working at Yogurtland. Which I don’t fully get, but I’ll take it! Thanks random lady. Tomorrow I don’t work at all!! Yeeesss. Just errands and Zumba. I know Zumba is going to kick my ass tomorrow. I haven’t been in so long. Weigh in Wednesday is looming over my brain though so I have to go and rock it. Ok well I’m tired so I am going to crash out. Hasta!


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