One Hundred Ninety One

Yay I have contacts!! Woopwoop. It was a big errand that was stressing me out a little bit that’s done now. I need to go grocery shoppiiinnngggggggg, but I don’t really wanna. Zumba tonight at 6:30, which is good because I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. Tomorrow I am headed to BC to crack some skulls! Naw, I just need to talk to a few different people about a lot of crap. I am really hoping some things get figured out tomorrow that helps me have a little more hope about getting back to school. That’s all I want! Is to just be making progress. I thhiinnkkk I have decided to stick with journalism. I have to do some research, but I think I am just going to go with my gut on this. Journalism seems appropriate for me. It’s a good place to start anyway. This weigh in Wednesday is making me anxious. I will have worked out 3 times this week, which isn’t great, but it’s better than none and my diet has been less than great. Not bad by any means, but definitely not as strict as I would like it. Gaining weight this week will freak me out. I really want to lose this last 20 pounds. I am really hoping it have it all off by Christmas. So excited for this year’s holiday season! Not for any particular reason, I just really love the holidays. I love vegging out on my days off too, so I’m gonna do that now. Peace out.


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