One Hundred Eighty Eight

Oh man. Bre’s visit could not have come at a better time! It’s amazing that we can go months with out seeing each other and as soon as we are reunited it’s like we pick back up right where we left off. And for the first time since I initially left for college Bakersfield felt complete. Being here with out Bre just isn’t the same. Her being here made it feel right! I wish she and Marcus were staying longer, but I’m super grateful for the amount of time she was here and can’t wait for them to come back. There is no way we can go our whole adult lives living so far apart. It’s just.. not.. an option. Not going to the gym tonight isn’t an option either!!! Holy crap. I ate taco bell last night while I was faded and then Jakes Tex Mex {aannddd Jakes Cake because come on!! It’s just amazing} today for lunch with Bre and her fam bam. Liikkeee… I NEED to go to the gym and get all of that under control. I get paid today!! That’s good because I need to buy groceries and contacts.. and pay bills.. -_-. b00000. I have to get back up to BC. Like… it is not an option any more. If I have to take out every student loan I possibly can then I will. School is a must. I gotta get that fire back. Days like yesterday piss me off once I’m over it. I get so pissed at myself for being just a defeated bitch. The difference in my attitude today compared to yesterday is incredible. Leave it to my bestfriendsister to snap me out of a depression spell that no one else in the world could. I feel great! I feel motivated for the first time in a couple months. Fuck yeah, man. Aight, I’m off to get ready for work. Love you sister (and Marcus) drive safe!!! ❤


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