One Hundred Eighty Five

LAUNDRY’S DONE! Baller. Nooww I am freakin hungry. I don’t really feel like cooking though… uugghhaaaaa. Life dilemmas. Alright, as far as a food blog goes, I am still planning on making one. But right now I am broke as a fuckin joke and busy all day most days, so it might have to wait a few weeks until I have some cash flow to buy food to cook again. And I need to think of an awesome name, I am accepting suggestions. Tomorrow is weigh in Wednesday. Aww fuck. Yyyeeaah I never did make it to the gym, but I have been super awesome with my eating. So we’ll see I guess. Maybe I will have lost weight!! :D….. buuttt maybe not. Tomorrow is 4th of July, also. Hmph. I love holidays, but I don’t think my family is doing anything, or at least they haven’t invited me, aanndd I’m bummed out about it. I wanna celebrate 4th of July with hundreds of dollars worth if fireworks and barbequed meat with my whole family like we used to back in the day. *siigghhh oh well. I guess I’ll have to get used to spending holidays by myself since I’m the only one left here in Bakersfield and can’t afford to travel anywhere. Sad panda. I think laundry mats make me sad… that does seem to be the pattern. Fuck it. I need food. Late.


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