One Hundred Eighty Four

Oooohh today has been lazy. I woke up and showered, and then made some “pancakes”, then watched 500 Days Of Summer, then fell asleep, then paid rent, an then made dinner..aanndd that’s it. Been pretty great. Last night was fun. I had a lot of drinks I had never had before. Turns out Long Island Iced Teas are incredibly delicious. Might be my go to drink as of last night. Tomorrow I have to do laundry. UUGGHHH nooooooooooooooooo. I just wanna be lazy forever. But I really need to wash my clothes tomorrow before work. Theeeeyyy are kind of at their limit. I really just need to buy new work clothes. I don’t know when I’ll be able to do that, but hopefully soon because all of my stuff is too big. I’m WAY over it. Contacts also need to be bought asap. I am on my last pair and have been for a couple weeks. That always stresses me out. I can’t wear my glasses while doing more than… nothing… because they are unwearable. They are just so gigantic they don’t even stay on my face, they just kind of balance there. Hopefully next week I’ll have some money for contacts. Okkaaayyy I better go do the dishes from dinner before I get too comfortable again. *ssiigghh balls.


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