One Hundred Seventy Nine

Yeeeaahh it’s been a frumpy white wife beater kind of a day. Pretty much been chillin since I got up at 9. I was going to go buy all the ingredients I need for a friends birthday cake, but that didn’t happen. Ooohh weelllll. I seriously can not wait to get back into the gym tomorrow. Oh man. I feel like all of the work I did on my arms in the last 6 months has gone to waste these past couple weeks and now they are back to being gigantic and lumpy. I weighed myself this morning. I am slightly confused though. I have gained 2 pounds. 2 pounds? I’ve gained more weight than that from being on my period… and I am on my period. A week and a half of eating like an asshole, and two weeks of not going to the gym, AND being on my period… and I gained 2 pounds? That just doesn’t seem right. I mean, it’s a pleasant surprise, but I just don’t understand it. And I know A LOT about nutrition and dieting and food and how the body works anndd I got nothin. The weigh in before the week of my birthday I had gained 1.2 pounds from the week before that where I had lost 3 pounds. So I guess I should look at it as gaining 3.2 pounds from the week I was down 3 pounds, but I was eating well and exercising during that week. But 2 freakin pounds from 2 weeks of being a jackass? I’ll take it. I can’t wait to get it off again though. Like I said before, I wanna be as skinny as healthily possible. I suppose I had a slight epiphany this morning. Maybe not an epiphany because it was the mentality I started this whole process with, but basically it’s about being healthy. What’s best for my body and my goal being to be fit and bad ass and skinny and healthy as balls. That was the original vision. I have really strayed away from that over the last couple of months. I’m going to concentrate on getting back to that perspective. My food needs to have intention, my work outs need to have determination, and my mind needs to have ambition. With that combination goin strong I can’t fail. Maybe it will spill over into other aspects of my life… like what the fuck I’m doing with it!! Ugh, I’ll save that for a different day. I’m off to get ready to go close at dumb Yogurtland. I am not excited. I am an opener, dammit. Whatevs, time to make that money. Deuces!


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