One Hundred Seventy Seven

Today was pretty sweet, not gonna lie. Well, work was boring. But dinner with the g-parents at El Pueblo was super fun! First off, they’re crazy. Secondly, El Pueblo has been one of my favorite restaurants since I could eat. Third, my grandpa had me chug tequila out of a cup with a very detailed penis and balls for a handle. Whipped cream cum and all. Yep. I guess all discretion and shame goes out the window once a Ceiley woman turns 21. Whatever! It was hilarious. There will be pictures tomorrow. I had one incredibly strong strawberry margarita and probably about 4 shots of tequila in the penis mug. But I had also just eaten two enchiladas so I didn’t really get drunk. Now I’m home. Gotta work ALL day tomorrow. But I get to sleeepppp in Wednesday. Yes. Ok, I’m off to slumber. Need my beauty rest ;).


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