One Hundred Seventy Four

What a day so far. I got a few errands ran, but I also tried to re-do my FASFA with my own tax info since I thought I could do that after I turned 21… I can not. I’m so fuckin pissed. I was filling it out and it wouldn’t give me the option of not using my mom’s financial info for it, so I called the number, was on hold for 30 minutes, and then was told that it’s because I wasn’t born before 1989 and until it says 1991 (two fucking years) I will not be able to use my own info regardless of whether I am independent or not. So once again I can not get any financial aid for this entire school year. I just don’t know what to do. I guess since my mom won’t have any reportable income next year using her info for FAFSA will be ok and I will probably qualify, but FUCK. Next fuckin year??? I’m going to be 22 years old by the time I get back to stupid fucking junior college? I am just so not content with that at all. But I don’t really see any other options. I am depressed about not being able to make any progress with my future for an entire year, but I suppose this is the bed I have made for myself. I’ll just work and work and work until I can get back to school. Incredible disappointment and loss of all hope to ever be more than to be a fucking Yogurtland manager aside, it was nice to finally be able to sleep in today. Tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to buy. Pan, mixer, blender, ingredients for a few things. Having fun new food options will definitely be nice though. Kay I need to go cook food before work. Fuucckkkk this.


One thought on “One Hundred Seventy Four

  1. It hurts that you have to wait (hopefully not til’ you’re 24) but it is one yr to fulfill working to save up Reeree but even then you will also have a lil more times to create more memories with ol’ friends !

    To think I also took some time off but only to accomplish something ( you’re not “behind”) else . You WILL figure it out and FinAid WILL cooperate with you.
    Miss ya Ree

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