One Hundred Sixty Seven

You like my octopus necklace? Psh, don’t answer that. I know you do. SO today was super long. I went out to Tejon to grab my check, then deposited it, then went to Sephora to get mascara, then went to Claire’s to find some earrings, then went to TJ MAXX, then came home for a second, and then went to a busy night of work at Moma’s. Frick. Aside from TJ MAXX being a bust, today was pretty good. I do have to be up in 5 hours for another awesome 13 hour work day, so that definitely sucks balls. I have just accepted that this entire week is going to be a shitty gym and diet week. There is no way around it. “It’s my birthday” has been the continuous excuse for slipping with food and skipping the gym. As long as I get back on track after my birthday we’re good… because after all… it’s my fuckin birthday. I am not even going to weigh myself this week. Mostly because I’ll be gone on weigh in Wednesday, but also because I’m too scared. Sooooo fuuccckk iiittt. Ok it’s been real, but I gotta crash. Peaceoutmuddafuggas.


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