One Hundred Sixty Eight

I really didn’t mean to take another picture straight out of the shower. Today was just so long and rushed and crazy that I had forgotten to take a picture all day… Sooo this is what ya get. It’s not becoming a thing I promise. Mostllyyyy because I look fuckin weird. But like I said, today sucked. Today SUUCCKKEEDD. I got no sleep, freakin disasters at Yogurtland, everyone coming onto closing shift late making everyone else late. I had 14 minutes at home between jobs today. Ya know what I did? My hair. And I changed. And then it was time to leave again. I don’t even wanna talk about what I ate. Not at all. Yeah this shit can’t go on past Wednesday. I feel so slow and fat and sluggish and not good at all. It is about 983576293857 times easier though. I can say that. Cooking every meal takes so much time and energy. Oh well. The burdens of being a recovering fat ass. Tomorrow should be an easy day because I only work at Yogurtland and it’s father’s day so I can’t imagine very many people traveling. Eh, it’ll probably be the busiest day we’ve ever had or something. And we won’t have sink in the girl’s restroom still. Hmph. Alright with 6.5 hours left until I gotta wake up I am bailing. Tootles.


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