One Hundred Sixty Four

Exactly one week until my birthday! At this time next Tuesday I will be able to legally drink anywhere I want to! YAY. After my birthday things get a little crazy though. I have a blender to buy, car to tune up, coffee tres leches cake to create and bake, 2 other 21st birthdays to celebrate, figuring out getting more contacts with out insurance, experimenting with a couple new foods, and I want to start a food blog. The only reason I haven’t started a food blog yet is because I’m not sure how many recipes I actually have. Also the theme might be a little odd. Of course it would be based around hypoglycemic/healthy meals, but once in a while when I bake stuff, like Wesley’s coffee tres leches cake, I will want to feature it and that is definitely not healthy. So I’ll have to see how I want to structure it. I just don’t want to run out of recipes to post. I am thinking posting a recipe once a week will be good. I’ll also need to think of a snazzy name for it! Sleeping in was so awesome. And I get to do it again tomorrow! mmmm. So good. I don’t want to go to work tonight at all. I don’t want to go the gym after work tonight at all, either. BUT once again tomorrow is Wednesday. And that means I have to weigh myself. I’m curious to see how this week went. I definitely wasn’t as strict with my diet as I was the week before. I’ve had a good week at the gym though. I guess we’ll see. At Kirk’s party last night I ate some stuff I shouldn’t have. I had a Dr. Pepper, a Taco Bell bean burrito, and a thin slice of red velvet cake. Could it have been worse? Hell yeah. I don’t regret it necessarily, but weighing in at a bad number might make me. Ugh weight loss is such a strange thing. I hope I’m doing it well enough stay thin forever. I don’t want to be fat ever again. I don’t even want to be any bigger than what I am right now ever again. I’m at 163 and once I find a weight I want to maintain I don’t want to ever get back over 160. Regardless of how thin I am at whatever point, 160 is going to be my cap. I will never let myself get over that number no matter what. So that’s whats happening. I’m off to eat and possibly nap. See ya.


2 thoughts on “One Hundred Sixty Four

  1. If you have a costco card, get contacts there! They do the exams and scripts for cheap and then the contacts themselves are affordable too!

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