One Hundred Sixty Two

Uuhhh can you tell I’m worn out? I look so good today. If you’re wondering whether or not this was taken before work or if I showered after work or maybe I didn’t even work at all today and that’s why I am wearing zero make up with my frizzy hair kind of almost tamed in a pony tail….. mmmmm no. This was how I went to work. All day. Talking to tons of people face to face about yogurt. Have you ever been on that level of don’t care? I obviously have. I don’t even care that I look fat and lumpy in this picture. Psh, I’m going to the gym later, wanna fight about it? (HA Family Guy). But seriously I was so sleepy this morning. My eyes were so tired they hurt to open all the way, so I couldn’t really imagine caking on some black stuff just to look better. Whatever. I’m natural. I made aawweessoommeee food for dinner. A big dinner, that I feel half bad for eating, but delicious so not really. Roasted spaghetti squash with fresh veggies and steak. Hell yeah. For some reason it tasted like some kind of Mexican carne esada dish… which I was thrilled about because I haven’t eaten Mexican food in over 6 months and I love it, but I definitely didn’t plan it that way. My usual day off tomorrow will be spent at Yogurtland. Which is hella lame, but I do need the money. After work tomorrow I will be hittin up Zumba and then Kirk’s going away party!! Not excited he’s going away, but excited he’s escaping Bakersfield and starting a new chapter in his life. It’s like a pizza/pool party. Which is nerve wracking for me because I would like to think I can relax and have a slice of pizza with a lot of friends and have a good time, but I have developed some pretty intense “is this going to make me fat” anxieties. So we will see. As far as swimming? Hell No. I may get in the jacuzzi, but that’s only if I feel good enough to get into a bathing suit, and that’s only if my swim suit from when I was 35 pounds heavier still fits me. So a lot is probably maybe depends on might happening. I’m just excited to get out honestly. I’m ready for fun. I just need to freakin find it. 9 days until 21 year old fun :). Oh yeah. So pumped. Ok. I need to get ready for the gym and stuff. Peace out hombres.


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