One Hundred Sixty One

Weellllllll I’m obviously ready for bed, except for the fact that I’m not naked, but I didn’t feel like we were ready to take our relationship to the next level yet so I put on a shirt for the picture. Annyywaayy. I’m fuckin tired. We didn’t go to the gym tonight and I don’t even feel bad. I did do a bit of grocery shopping though, which really fucked up my plans to get home at 9:45 pop a nighty night pill and finally get more than 4 hours of sleep on a day where I have to be at Yogurtland. Oh well. I needed some food things. My diet sucked balls today. Sugary fattening balls. Had some fruit for breakfast, frozen yogurt for lunch, chicken and peas for dinner, and coffee and a banana after work. What the fuck is that shit? I need more sustenance. Tomorrow will be better though because I have food again. Yay. I got all the bills paid today and I bought some food for the next few days and I’m not dead broke, so… fuck yeah. Finally not scavenging around for money trying not to die. But expensive things are quickly approaching. Ugh. The ever impending doom of spending money you don’t have on shit you have to buy. SO soul crushing. Maybe someday I won’t have to think about money at all and I can spend whatever because I’m that much of a baller. Cross your fingers for me, … I’ll buy you something cool if it works. Kaaayygonnapassoutnow13.5workdaywhateverfuckpigsbye.


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