One Hundred Sixty

Oh my ggaawwdd. I want chocolattteee! It’s a problem right now. I have water melon, but that sounds lame as fuck. I went out today to hunt for my birthday dress. I was planning on spending around 80 dollars on the dress, and I found an awesome one for 30… fuck yeah. It’s a pattern I actually like and it’s a great cut and super flattering. I am extremely pleased with it. I went to like 10 different stores before I found it, but dammit I knew it was out there. 11 days! I am so pumped to get out of Bakersfield, even if it is for a day. I am also excited to be 21. Once I get back to town I’m going straight to Trader Joe’s and buy a ton of wines and ciders and beers. It’s going to be freakin awesome. Going to work tonight isn’t going to be awesome. I don’t want to go at all. I definitely also don’t want to be at Yogurtland all day this whole weekend. But once my workathon is over it’ll be Tuesday and that will be only 1 week until my birthday! Who knows at what weight I’ll be at. Hopefully another 4 pounds lighter than I am now, but I am going to be super excited either way. UUGGHH I have to go get ready for work. Those of you relaxing at home be extra lazy for me. Hasta!


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