One Hundred Fifty Nine

First off, you should all be thrilled to know that this picture was taken while I wasn’t wearing pants. Secondly, what a fucked up day. I don’t really feel like getting into details… again, but just know it was some Murphey’s Law shit. Everything went totally wrong all day. I didn’t go to the gym. *SIGH. I feel super fat as fuck. I am going to delete my Lose It! app. I know I was like praising it two entries ago, but it’s making my neuroces spiral out of control. It’s pretty bad. At 4pm I was over my daily limit of calories by 355. And I just ate my normal healthy food. I know what I eat is healthy, I can’t have something messing with my head to where I become obsessed with things that are unhealthy. It’s going to make me totally insane if I don’t just delete it. So I guess that was fun while it lasted. I still like my water intake tracker though. Can I just be skinny please? Like, just all the time forever? Hmph. I am thinking about heading out tomorrow to start looking for a birthday beach dress. There a couple places I want to hit up that have some super cute ones. I will have to transfer money though and I’m not sure I want to do that yet. Whatever. We’ll see how I feel when I wake up. I have quite a few things I need to pay for this next month. I need more contacts, I need to get my oil changed, my tires rotated and balanced, birth control… birthday stuff. Ballllllsss. Ok, I’m gonna go melt in the shower for a while. Thaannkk baby Jesus today is finally over.


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