One Hundred Fifty Eight

Fuucckkk yes. I lost 3 pounds! Which is extra awesome because I gained a 1.5 pounds last week. I feel like I look pretty thin. I don’t feel thin at the moment because I just ate a ton of spaghetti squash, which was delicious. But yeah! 3 pounds gone! I am now at 162.6 pounds. I want to be able to get down to at least 155 and maintain that. I will be at my 40 pound goal 157.8 pounds so I think staying a few pounds under that will be good. I still have quite a few areas that I want to slim down. My calves have FINALLY started shrinking. I’m not sure why it took them so long, but I am giving credit to adding incline to our running circuits a few weeks ago. Which absolutely kicked my ass last night. But like I’ve mentioned before… I have these damn knee high boots. I have never been able to wear them properly because I’ve never been able to get them over my calves. I have been using them as a reference to my calve progress. Annddd uuhhh, there wasn’t any this whole time. Like.. at all. Even a month ago when I tried they still didn’t go on. I was curious about it today. SO I put them on and they very easily went over my calves and fit perfectly. What the fuck…?! That was my reaction pretty much. I was pretty thrilled. I still think my calves are wide, but I can see a difference in them from the side. I am pretty proud. Calves are a bitch. I took an opening shift at Yogurtland tomorrow. Waking up at 6:30 is going to suck after 3 days of not needing to wake up early at all and sleeping until noon, but I feel pretty rested. I don’t mind going in tomorrow. We have Zumba tonight! Yeeuhh. And then tomorrow it’s back to super hard running circuits. I can not wait until my birthday! I want it here so I get boozed up! 🙂 So pumped. I think finding the perfect beachy maxi dress for it though is going to be challenging. I want it to be awesome. I wanna look awesome. I want my pictures to be awesome. I need more awesome in my life. Obviously. Alright I am going to savor vegging out for a bit longer. Peace mudda fuckas!


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